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Easy check-in at the self-check-in machine.
Check-in Automaten
Self-check-in at Hamburg Airport

Many airlines at Hamburg Airport offer an online check-in service. Normally, the online boarding pass can then be downloaded to your mobile device or for printed. You need to have the boarding pass as printout or on your smartphone to hand when checking in baggage and at the security checkpoint. If neither of these options works for you, you will be able to obtain your boarding pass in person from the airline at the airport, in the conventional way, after checking in online. If you wish to check in online, you can find out how from the airline’s website or app. 


How it works:

  1. Go to one of the self-check-in machines and select your airline.
  2. Identify yourself using the number of your passport, frequent flyer card or ticket, or enter your booking code.
  3. Your flight appears on the display - now select the seat you want.
  4. Print out your boarding pass.
  5. Some airlines also offer the option of printing the baggage tag directly.

Explanation video

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