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111. Geburtstag Hamburg Airport
Press release
Hamburg Airport: an eventful history stretching back more than a century
10.01.2022 - Turning 111 years old today, Hamburg Airport looks back on special milestones

Filming permits

Are you a journalist wanting to film or to interview passengers at Hamburg Airport for a report? Do you want to take photos or conduct a survey at Hamburg Airport? Are you a student or pupil and want to film or photograph scenes at the airport for a project? Please email us the following information and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

  • How can we contact you? 

  • When do you want to come to the airport? (date and time) 

  • How many people will be coming with you? 

  • What is the occasion or purpose for which you require a filming permit? 

  • Where exactly at the airport do you want to film, photograph, or question passengers? 

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Michael Eggenschwiler, Chief Executive Officer of Hamburg Airport
Christian Kunsch, Managing Director of Hamburg Airport
Geschäftsführung Hamburg Airport
Geschäftsführung von Hamburg Airport: Michael Eggenschwiler (Vorsitzender) und Christian Kunsch
Portrait Michael Eggenschwiler
Portrait Christian Kunsch
Geschäftsführung Hamburg Airport
Portraits of the Executive Board

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