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Hamburg Airport – number 1 in the north

Hamburg Airport is the largest international commercial airport in northern Germany, and the fifth largest airport in Germany. With 13.6 million passengers in 2023, passenger numbers have risen again faster than expected after the pandemic. For comparison: in the pre-corona year 2019, over 17 million passengers were counted. Around 55 airlines fly to some 120 domestic and international destinations from Hamburg. Approximately 1,000 destinations worldwide can be reached with only one connecting flight. Beyond this, Hamburg Airport is a “city within the city”, an attractive place to visit with around 40 shops, restaurants, travel agents, and leisure activities.

Northern Germany’s airport – and more
Hamburg Airport connects Hamburg with the world, and the world with Hamburg. Encompassing Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and parts of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Denmark, Hamburg Airport has a large catchment area. This brings benefits to the people of northern Germany. The diverse route network offers a broad selection of direct flights to important commercial and tourism regions around Europe for both private and business travellers.
Center of aviation – driver of jobs for the north
Around 15,000 people are employed at approximately 250 business at the Hamburg Airport site. In total, around 40,000 people work in the aviation industry in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. This makes Hamburg is third-largest city worldwide in the civil aviation sector.
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Hamburg Airport in figures All important indicators at a glance, such as passenger and traffic figures, terminal data, and airlines.
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Hamburg Airport Operations — information and partners
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Our history
Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt has been in operation at its original location in the Hamburg borough of Fuhlsbüttel since 1911, making it the world’s oldest commercial airport.