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Baggage on the plane - rules & regulations

Hand luggage, travel luggage and bulky luggage are types of luggage that are subject to different provisions and rules on a flight. Here you can find out what you have to consider when packing your suitcases and bags and which prohibited items are not allowed on aircraft for safety reasons.

General baggage regulations at Hamburg Airport

Your luggage is not only subject to the general safety regulations in air traffic in order for aircraft and passengers to arrive safely at their destination. Airlines also have very different rules regarding weight and number of pieces of luggage a passenger can take with them. Different luggage requirements may even apply between classes of transport and flight destinations of an airline,. It is therefore best to find out about the baggage regulations of your airline when booking your trip, but in any case no later than before arriving at Hamburg Airport in order to avoid additional costs for excess baggage.

Tips on baggage before you travel:

  • Always label your luggage with your name and address on the outside and inside.
  • Remove baggage tags and stickers from previous flights before check-in.
  • Always keep important documents and valuables in your hand luggage.
  • Do not bring petrol lighters. These are forbidden in hand luggage and checked baggage!
  • Don't use padlocks, only TSA certified locks to secure your checked baggage.
  • Find out about the import regulations of your travel destination. Baggage policies of some airlines at Hamburg Airport

Baggage policies of some airlines at Hamburg Airport 

Self-Bag-Drop - drop off luggage yourself 

When you check in online or at one of our Check-in machines you can also check in your luggage with most airlines using the self-bag drop. Simply use our baggage drop-off machine. You will find the instructions for our self-bag drop machines in Check-in.

Carry-on baggage

What is allowed in hand luggage and how many pieces of hand luggage are allowed per person? These regulations apply to hand luggage.

Bulky baggage

At what dimensions does baggage become oversized baggage and where is bulky baggage checked in? These provisions must be observed.

Transport of your luggage at the airport 

Baggage trolleys are available in and in front of the terminals to transport your luggage. You also have the option to hire a porter service. You can also leave your suitcases stored at the airport with luggage service Schwerelos Reisen. 

What to do if you lose your luggage 

Have you lost something on the plane or your luggage did not arrive at your destination? It is best to contact your airline at the airport - they will take care of finding your luggage quickly. If something is lost on the airport premises the staff at Hamburg Welcome Center will be happy to help. If your missing item appears again you can pick it up from our lost property office in the Welcome Center, where you will be required to show a valid photo ID and pay a small fee. Of course you can also have your lost luggage sent to you. 

Liability for luggage 

Liability is regulated by law for all airlines. It generally depends on the starting and ending destinations of your trip. This can vary greatly depending on which international agreement the departure and destination countries have signed or which national laws apply. 

In principle, liability for checked baggage is based on the proven damage, but is limited in amount. For international travel, the maximum liability is based on the weight of the checked baggage. For more detailed information on maximum liability, please read the airline's conditions of carriage. 

If the value of your checked baggage exceeds the maximum liability we generally recommend  baggage insurance.