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Bulky baggage on the plane


If you want to transport special baggage on the plane on your trip, you must hand it in at the bulky baggage counters in Terminal 1 and 2. Bulky baggage is baggage that is not allowed on the baggage carousel for the following reasons: 

  • The dimensions of 65 x 85 x 42 cm are exceeded. 
  • A weight of 40 kg is exceeded. 
  • It is a living animal. 
  • The baggage must be handled with special care. 
  • They are backpacks with straps or tabs. 
  • You want to give up a stroller or buggy. 
  • A suitcase has more than three old barcode stickers (if these cannot be removed). 

You can obtain more detailed information about taking bulky baggage with you and its costs from your airline.

The most common bulky baggage registrations:

Pushchairs or buggies must be left at the bulky baggage counter after check-in. It is best to find out whether you can take your own baby seat or a child seat with you on the plane when you book your flight with your airline. It is important that your child’s base is suitable for use on the plane. The “For Use in Aircraft” seal provides information on this.

Certain regulations also apply to taking bicycles on board. You can find out more from your airline. You will usually have to remove or fold in the pedals and the handlebars before your trip. Some airlines also require you to deflate the tires or remove the front wheel. Please pack your bike in a cardboard box or sturdy plastic film. You can also purchase a special bike bag. 

Note that e-bikes are generally not allowed on the plane. With a few airlines it is possible to carry an e-bike without a battery. It is best to inquire about this when booking your ticket.

If you want to take an instrument, for example your guitar, on the plane, this must also be registered as bulky baggage. After all, most musical instruments are too valuable to land on the baggage carousel. You can sometimes even take smaller instruments into the aircraft cabin as hand luggage. You can find out from your airline what you need to consider in detail.

You can of course also take your skis, including sticks and ski boots, with you on your flight to your winter holiday as bulky luggage. To do this, pack your skis and poles in a suitable ski bag. You should pack the shoes separately. The maximum length and weight of your ski equipment differs from airline to airline.

It doesn't matter whether it's a skateboard, snowboard or surfboard - these sports equipment are only allowed on the plane as bulky luggage. You cannot take them with you in hand luggage as they could be used as a weapon in the cabin. To ensure that the board arrives safely at its destination, some airlines also have special packaging requirements.


Please note that you have to register your special baggage before departure. 

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