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Sustainability is important to us! As a responsible site, we have made environmental protection an essential component within our corporate strategy, and the CO2-neutral operation of the airport makes an important contribution. We make use of innovative energy-saving technologies, sustainable conservation projects, alternative powertrains and more environmentally friendly fuels.
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Net Zero Hamburg Airport Logo
Net Zero 2035 - Now. For the future.

With its climate strategy “Net Zero 2035 – Now. For the Future”, Hamburg Airport wants to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the airport city to zero by 2035, doing without offsets – the first major airport in Germany to do so.

„Environmental protection at Hamburg Airport means having the courage to promote tomorrow's ideas today. For more than 20 years now, we have been pioneers in raising awareness of CO2 reduction throughout the industry. We are actively shaping the energy transition in aviation by creating the conditions for flights using hydrogen as an energy source, converting our ground operations to CO2-free and building our own wind farm - for a green, self-sufficient energy supply for our airport.“

Jan Eike Hardegen, Head of Environmental Protection Center
Guidelines for environmental action
The Environmental Guidelines, published as early as 1998, represent FHG’s binding environmental policy. The guidelines of Hamburg Airport's environmental policy clarify the airport's principles of operational environmental protection.
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Press release
Hamburg Airport on the way to becoming a hydrogen hub: EU funds the “Baltic Sea Region Project”
12.07.2023 - Airports and partners join forces on Hamburg Airport's initiative to advance sustainable flying

We identify, document and evaluate those activities which have an impact on the environment in order to identify possibilities for improvement. We aim to make progress in operational environmental protection by providing thorough education and training to our employees. We set measurable targets for improvement in environmental protection.

As far as possible, we avoid environmental pollution. We use energy and raw materials sensibly and as economically as possible. We seek to influence our customers and contractual partners in accordance with this goal.

We observe all legal requirements. As an innovative, environmentally conscious company, we desire to reduce environmental pollution associated with the operation of the airport in excess of legal requirements. We are all responsible for the environment.

We encourage every employee to make suggestions for the improvement of environmental protection, either within the framework of the company’s employee suggestion system or by making direct contact with the relevant responsible persons.

We engage in open and critical dialog with the general public. The general public receives information about our company’s environmental impact, and we take its concerns, questions and criticisms seriously.

We reduce or compensate the CO2 emissions generated by our activities. We regularly measure and analyse our greenhouse gas emissions. We conduct an active dialog with our business partners in order to plan and execute joint reduction measures. Long-term, we are pursuing our goal of completely eliminating carbon dioxide emissions.

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Hamburg Airport collects regular measurements and evaluations, which are made available as downloads.