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Traveling with pets


To start a safe and relaxed journey with you pet, there are some rules and tips to follow. We have compiled the most important information about traveling with animals for you.

Traveling with dogs, cats and ferrets is possible and clearly regulated within the EU. Traveling is possible with a maximum of five animals that are not intended for trade. The only exception: if the animals take part in competitions, exhibitions or sporting events and the associated training courses, more animals may be carried. In such cases, animals must be at least six months old and keepers must be able to provide confirmation of registration for these events. 

The following rules and tips to be observed for a relaxed and smooth travel for humans and animals: 

  • Inform airline:
    Register your animal as a guest with your airline
  • Vacinations: 
    Check your pet's vaccination status. Only animals with a valid rabies vaccination are allowed to travel. 
    Important: The vaccination may only take place after a microchip has been inserted. 

    The following applies to initial vaccinations: A rabies vaccination is considered to be valid if the vaccination was given at least 21 days before the start of the journey and lasts until the full vaccination protection has developed. 

  • EU pet passport: 
    Four-legged friends can only travel with valid papers. To do this, your pet needs a valid EU pet passport, in which the chip number or tattoo number is recorded for clear identification. 
    A veterinarian will also issue you EU pet ID cards.
  • Age:
    ​​​​​​Find out about the required minimum age of the incoming animal for the respective destination country, this can vary from country to country. 
    The minimum age of 15 weeks applies to entry of an animal into Germany, of course only with valid rabies vaccination.
  • Weight and height: 
    Whether your animal is allowed to fly in the cabin or in a transport box in the hold differs from airline to airline
  • Travel regulations: 
    From country to country and especially when traveling outside the EU, there are sometimes very different entry requirements for animals. Before you book your ticket, find out whether it is possible to import your animal without further ado or whether strict quarantine rules have to be followed.
  • EU countries with special requirements: 
    Find out more about the stricter entry requirements for animals at the following travel destinations:
  • Getting there: 
    Plan enough time for your journey and arrive at the airport with enough time.
  • Check in: 
    Your pet can be carried in the cabin according to your airline,? Then report with him in the transport box at the check-in counter.

    Is your animal bigger and traveling with you in the hold? Then please report your pet in the transport box to the bulky baggage counter after your own check-in. Please note that some airlines have special regulations regarding the nature of the transport box for attack dogs.
  • Care: 
    Flying is usually stressful for animals. If your animal flies with you in the hold, provide enough water and possibly also food in the box. Familiar toys or a soft blanket can also have a calming effect.


Please inform yourself in time before the start of your journey, if and which pets are allowed on board of your airline. Please also note the transportation regulations.


Get your pet used to its transport box in good time before you start your journey. This can save your four-legged friend unnecessary stress. Your airline will inform you about the required dimensions and weight of the box.

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