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Relax as you go to the security checkpoint: book a time slot, free of charge, for our Slot&Fly Lane – because a pleasant flight starts on the ground.

Due to construction work, "Slot&Fly" will not be available for approx. 4 weeks from April 8th

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Special lane
Slot&Fly – fast and relaxed approach to security checks

Hamburg Airport offers you the option of ensuring your path to the security checkpoint is short and plannable. Just book a time slot, free of charge, for our Slot&Fly-Lane in Terminal 1, reducing waiting times at the security checkpoint.


Families with young children (0-6 years) and people with reduced mobility (PRM) can continue to use our PRM/family lane as usual.

A relaxed start – here’s how it works:

  1. Book your slot from 72 hours before departure at Slot&Fly Hamburg Airport.
  2. Enter your travel details and how many people you want to book a slot for (max. 5 persons).
  3. Choose one of the available time slots and enter all names as they are printed on the boarding passes. Please also provide an email address for each person.
  4. You will receive one confirmation email per person, each including booking details and QR code.
  5. Come to the Slot&Fly Lane in Terminal 1 for your booked time slot.
  6. Place your boarding pass on the scanner to open the barrier. If the barrier does not open, scan the Slot&Fly QR code from the confirmation email.  
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Book a time slot for the security checkpoint

Relax as you go to the security checkpoint: book a time slot, free of charge, for our Slot&Fly Lane – because a pleasant flight starts on the ground.

Slot & Fly - Questions and Answers

What is Slot&Fly?

With Slot&Fly, passengers can book a time slot at Hamburg Airport, free of charge, to use a separate lane at the boarding pass checkpoint before security, avoiding waiting times.

How does Slot&Fly work?

You can book a time slot, free of charge, for up to five people. You will receive a QR code by email for every booking. With the QR code and your boarding pass, you can use the separate Slot&Fly Lane at the security checkpoint within your reserved time slot.

Who can use Slot&Fly?

Slot&Fly is available for all passengers, regardless of ticket class. We still advise families with small children to use our Family Lane.

Naturally, passengers with reduced mobility can also use Slot&Fly, but they will need to be able to pass through the boarding pass barrier alone. If there is an accompanying person with them, this person will also need a booking for the same time slot. If the accompanying person is registered by Red Cross personnel, no extra Slot&Fly reservation is necessary. Access to the security checkpoint is then via an additional extra lane.

When can I book a time slot?

You can book a time slot with Slot&Fly within the 72 hours before your flight departs. You can even book on site up to one hour before departure, but the number of slots is limited and there is no guarantee that a suitable slot will still be available.

Where do I find the Slot&Fly Lane?

The entry to the Slot&Fly Lane is to the right of the security checkpoint entry in Terminal 1. The entry is signposted – look for the Slot&Fly logo.

What flights can I use Slot&Fly on?

Slot&Fly can be used on all flights departing from Hamburg Airport.

What does Slot&Fly cost?

Slot&Fly is a free service at Hamburg Airport.

Is there a guarantee that I will pass through the security checkpoint within my time slot?

No. The Slot&Fly booking will make it possible for you to get to the security checkpoint within the booked time slot. The security checkpoint itself is operated by the Federal Police. The actual time taken at the security checkpoint depends on various factors outside of Hamburg Airport’s control. As a guide: As a rule, an average security check takes 5-10 minutes.

How can I book a slot using Slot&Fly?

Passengers can reserve a time slot for themselves and a maximum of four other people here within 72 hours before departure. Bookings are free of charge and does not require registration. Passengers only have to provide their name, flight details and an email address for the booking confirmation. With the QR code in the email and your boarding pass, you may use the Slot&Fly Lane within the booked time slot.


Do I have to register for Slot&Fly?

No, there is no registration necessary to book a time slot. You only have to provide your name, flight details and an email address for the booking confirmation.

Can I book a slot for several people?

Yes, you can reserve a time slot for up to five people in one booking, provided enough free slots are available at the desired time.

Do children require their own booking?

Yes, a booking with an individual QR code is required for every passenger in order to pass through the barrier. Children can use the Slot&Fly Lane, provided they can pass through the automatic barrier alone. We advise families with small children to use our Family Lane.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you may cancel your booking at “My Bookings”. If you have made multiple bookings, it is also possible to only cancel the slots for individual passengers. Once you realize you are not going to use your time slot, we request that you cancel the booking to free the slot up for other passengers.

Can I change my booking later?

No, it is not possible to amend or change bookings. If you wish to add passengers or change the time slot, please cancel your original booking and make a new one.

I did not receive a confirmation email – what can I do?

Please first check whether the email has ended up in your spam folder. If it is not there, go to “My Bookings” and enter your flight number and email address. You will then be able to see if your booking is there. If this is the case, you can save the QR code from here. If there is no booking, please complete the booking process again and ensure that all data are entered correctly.

What can I do if I have lost my confirmation email?

You can view your booking details and QR code at any time under “My Bookings”.

What happens if I miss my slot?

If you don’t get to the Slot&Fly Lane before the end of your time slot, your booking will no longer be valid. You can then use the regular lane for the security checkpoint.

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