General baggage information

General baggage information

The free baggage allowance may vary depending the airline you are travelling with. Please contact your airline for further information.



  • You should always put your name and address on the outside and inside of your baggage. You will receive tags and stickers with your flight ticket or at the check-in counter.
    Tip: Important documents and valuables should be carried in your cabin baggage.

  • You may only carry gas or disposable lighters (1 per person) or matches on your body. Petrol lighters must not be carried. Under no circumstances may lighters be carried in checked baggage.


Cabin baggage

The measurements of cabin baggage differ, so please ask your airline before departure.

New carry-on luggage rules for flights to the USA: The US Transport Security Administration has made a change to its carry-on luggage rules, and from June 30, 2018, any powder-like substance of more than 350ml will not be able to be checked in. Substances like medicine or baby food are excluded from this rule. Please contact your airline in advance and if possible, put any powder-like substances in your suitcase. Please also mind this rule if you fly from Hamburg to the USA with a change at an other European airport. Please note that the security rules for liquids are still valid and unaffected by this additional rule.


New security rules for cabin baggage since November 2006

Only small quantities of liquids may be taken on board flights originating in the EU. More Information is available here.



Before departure, please ask your airline about items that may not be carried in your cabin baggage (e.g. pen knives, screwdrivers, nail scissors, etc.)


Baggage transport

Baggage trolleys are provided for your convenience inside the terminal buildings and in front of the terminals. A porter service is also available.


Liability for baggage

Liability is defined by law for all airlines. Liability can vary widely, depending on which international treaty the country of departure and country of arrival have signed, and/or on which national laws apply.

Essentially, liability for checked baggage depends on damage being proven, but there is a maximum amount payable. For international journeys, the highest liability depends on the weight of the checked baggage.

For exact details, please read the terms of carriage issued by your airline. You will find an excerpt in the envelope containing your flight ticket.

If the value of the baggage you check in exceeds the maximum payable liability, you are advised to take out extra baggage insurance.


Dangerous items

No dangerous items or items which may be used to injure other persons may be carried in cabin baggage. This includes:

  • weapons and similar items capable of discharging a projectile, along with imitation weapons
  • sharp and pointed items, for example knives, scissors with a blade longer than 6 centimetres, nail files, screwdrivers and bottle openers
  • blunt objects such as golf clubs, baseball clubs, hockey sticks and skateboards
  • explosives and inflammable materials, for example fireworks (including party poppers), torches, cap guns, paint in spray-cans and gas containers for camping stoves


The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs has published a list of items prohibited from air travel.

Baggage services

Baggage services

You may request a porter directly from within the terminals at the Porter Call Points or at the information counters.



  • 1 item of baggage: 2.00 €
  • 3 items of baggage: 5.00 €
  • per additional item of baggage: 1.50 €
  • per additional item of baggage if more than 21 items: 1.30 €
  • outsized baggage: 5.00 €

Transport to departure gates and/or parking spaces: 5.00 €

Prior bookings should be placed with SecuServe by email or telephone at least 24 hours in advance, Monday to Friday.

Baggage trolleys
Baggage trolleys are available in front of the terminals and in the car parks. A deposit of 1 € or 0.50 € is required.

Left luggage
Terminal 2, Departures Level
Opening hours: 4:30am – 11pm every day



  • Normal item of baggage, per calendar day or part thereof: 3.00 €
  • Outsized luggage (bicycles, surfboards, etc.) per calendar day or part thereof: 5.00 €
  • Small items (knives, etc.) for 4 weeks: 4.00 €
Porter service (company SecuServe)

Porter service (company SecuServe)

Pre-orders should be carried out at the company SecuServe ( Monday to Friday ) by e -mail or telephone at least 24 hours in advance .

Tel.: +49 (0)40 5075 2010

Fax: +49 (0)40 5075 3937


Left luggage

Left luggage

Opening Hours

Mon.- Sun.: 4.30 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Phone: +49 (0)40 5075 3983


Oversized baggage

Oversized baggage

After check-in, you can bring your oversized baggage to the special counters in the terminals

Oversized baggage includes all items of luggage which, for any reason, cannot be automatically transported using the baggage transportation system:

  • items exceeding the dimensions of 65x85x42 cm
  • items weighing more than 40 kg
  • backpacks and bags with belts and straps
  • prams and strollers
  • items which must be treated with extreme care
  • live animals
  • items declared to be oversized baggage by check-in personnel

Loss of baggage

If you have lost something on board the plane, or if your luggage has not arrived at the destination, please contact the airline or its handling agent directly.

If you have lost something at the airport, the Airport Office will be happy to help you.

What is allowed in cabin baggage?