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Customs & Passport Control


Whenever you enter or leave a country, you have to pass through passport control when crossing the border, and there are customs and immigration requirements that you must fulfil. There is a difference between travels within the Schengen area and travelling to or from countries that are not party to the Schengen Treaty.

Valid travel documents are mandatory

We urgently advise you to check that your travel documents (identity card, passport, visa, entry permit) are still valid before setting off on your journey. Should additional travel restrictions be in place for your destination country, as is currently the case for many countries due to Covid-19, please take these into account to avoid problems at Hamburg Airport when checking in or when entering the country. Current information on travel advice and safety warnings are available from the Federal Foreign Office


Please note that it is your responsibility to comply with the relevant regulations. Where you do not comply, you may be refused permission to fly.

Zoll Hamburg Airport
Customs / Export

Passengers wishing to export goods and valuables requiring declaration or large sums of cash from Germany can declare this at the Customs counter in Terminal 1 and apply for export certificates. Customs officers are also available to answer any questions you may have about customs.

Bundespolizei Hamburg Airport
Federal Police Hamburg Airport
Airport Fire Department

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