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Flight Schedule and Route Network from Hamburg

Discover all flight connections to your destinations from Hamburg Airport in our flight schedule.

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Book a time slot for the Slot&Fly lane now
Relaxed to the security check: Book a time slot for our Slot&Fly lane for free - because a pleasant flight already starts on the ground.
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Lost and Found Hamburg Airport
Baggage tracing
Lost & Found
You have lost something on the plane, your luggage has not arrived or you want to claim a damage?
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Self Bag Drop
Important Check-in Information
For the most relaxed travel from the start, you can simply complete the formalities online from home or use the pre-evening check-in of some airlines. Find out how it works here.
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Baggage - rules & regulations
Hand luggage, luggage and bulky luggage are subject to different regulations. Here you can find out what you need to consider when packing and which prohibited items are not allowed on the plane.