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Lost & Found in the Welcome Center


Lost & Found at Hamburg Airport is located in the Hamburg Welcome Center. Our personnel there will help you find lost property. And you can, of course, hand in any items you find there. 

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Lost & Found
Have you lost something at Hamburg Airport?

Here you can check online to find out whether a lost item has been handed in to the Hamburg Airport lost and found service.

General information on lost property in the Lost & Found office at Hamburg Airport

Please note that only items found on the airport site will be stored in the Lost & Found office. If you have left something behind in a plane or on your way to the airport by bus, rail or taxi, it will be the responsibility of the Lost & Found department of the airline or transport provider (e.g. Deutsche Bahn, S-Bahn, Hochbahn, taxi operator). The City of Hamburg also has its own Lost & Found office. In such cases, please contact the company concerned or its representative (handling agent) at Hamburg Airport. 

Note on collecting items:

  • A valid legal identification document with a photograph is required when collecting lost property from Hamburg Airport Lost & Found. 
  • A fee is payable when collecting lost property. 
  • Should an item be collected by a third person, this person must present a letter of authorisation and a copy of the owner’s valid legal identification document with photograph. If you would like the item sent to you via a reliable, easy to use courier service, follow this link to BSB Baumann Business Services.

Legal provisions

German Civil Code (BGB), Artcile 978: Finding in public authority or transport agency. 

[Overview of current lost property items, found in the past 30 days] 

Fees to be paid on collection of lost property from Hamburg Airport Lost & Found.

A fee is to be paid on collection of lost property from Hamburg Airport Lost & Found.

  • Identity cards, documents, plastic cards: 15,- €
  • Clothing, shoes: 15,- €
  • Wallet, money, securities: 20,- €
  • Glasses, contact lenses, optical devices: 10,- €
  • Electronics, cameras, cell phones: 25,- €
  • Bicycles, scooters, strollers: 30,- €
  • Household, tools: 15,- €
  • Suitcase, backpack, bags: 22,- €
  • Medical equipment and aids: 10,- €
  • Medicines: 10,- €
  • Cosmetic articles: 10,- €
  • Musical instruments: 15,- €
  • Keys: 17,- €
  • Watch, jewelry: 20,- €
  • Sports and leisure articles: 10,- €

**All lost property not listed will be charged with a fee of 6,90 €.

Further information on bank card emergency blocking numbers and lost property in Hamburg

VISA: +49 800  8118440
Mastercard:+49 800 819104
American Express: +49 69 97971000
Diners Club: +49 180 2345454
EC cards: +49 1805 021021
Central emergency card blocking: 116116

Other lost & found offices in Hamburg

Central Lost & Found: +49 (0)40 428113501
DB railways: +49 (0)900 1990599
HVV local public transport: +49 (0)40 32880
Autokraft: +49 (0)451 90990
HADAG port ferries: +49 (0)40 317070

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Lost & Found
Lost and Found at the Hamburg Welcome Center
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Did you leave something behind on the plane? Has your luggage not arrived, or was it damaged?

Please contact the airline directly.