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Hamburg AirportShop & Dine Sashimi Sushi (Pier)

Sashimi Sushi (Pier)

Security Area
Pier (Gate C15/C16), Level 1
opening hours
Sushi, Dinner, Lunch, Vegetarian dishes, Seafood
Apron view, barrier-free

Sashimi Sushi (Pier)

Top chefs prepare first-class unique sushi creations before your eyes in a traditional atmosphere. We have the perfect express service for travellers with limited time: a take-away box for delicacies to go.

On offer for vegans:

- Coconut soup with vegetables and a rice side dish

- Goma Ae (spinach with sesame sauce)

- Gina Wakame (seaweed salad)

- Inari (deep-fried filled tofu)

- Bento Vegetarian No. 2 with mango, oshinko (pickled radish), white asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, avocado and Thai asparagus nigiri