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Hamburg Airport: Return to normal operations

Aircraft on the apron: Hamburg Airport
Aircraft on the apron: Hamburg Airport


+++ Update 12:00 Uhr +++

Further flight cancellations and delays may occur throughout the day – passengers should check their flight status and contact their airline if necessary

Today, Thursday 13 July 2023, flight operations at Hamburg Airport had to be suspended from 6:10 am to 9:50 am due to a Federal Police measure. As a result of this almost four-hour interruption, there may be further flight cancellations and delays throughout the day. Passengers are therefore requested to keep themselves informed about the current status of their flight (e.g. on the airport's website www.hamburg-airport.de) and, if necessary, to contact their airline or tour operator: Airlines - Hamburg Airport (hamburg-airport.de)

As things stand, 22 arrivals and 28 departures were cancelled today. Ten arriving flights have been diverted to other airports. There may be further flight cancellations and delays throughout the day.

"We can confirm that a group of people had gained unauthorised access to the airport premises near the runway system this morning," says Janet Niemeyer, Publication Officer at Hamburg Airport. "Such an action can constitute a serious breach of aviation security. Therefore, air traffic at Hamburg Airport had to be temporarily suspended for safety reasons. The consequences are felt by many families who were looking forward to the start of the holidays. The start of the summer holidays is one of the peak travel periods at Hamburg Airport."

A total of around 330 take-offs and landings with 50,000 passengers were planned for today's holiday start.

Securing the airport fence: Alarm chain has worked as planned

The Hamburg Airport site covers over 570 hectares and is enclosed by 22 kilometres of airport fencing. The security of this fence and the fence itself comply with all legal requirements, and surveillance is carried out by patrols and in close cooperation with the police on site. To ensure the safety of air traffic, additional alarm chains have been established that alert the police, the airport operator and air traffic control as soon as the fence is penetrated without authorisation. This alarm chain also worked in today's case. It is not possible to provide further details on security-related matters – Hamburg Airport is working very closely with the security authorities on this. Unauthorised entry into the secured airport area can constitute a dangerous interference with air traffic – irrespective of why and by what means persons gain such unauthorised access.

Consideration of legal action

As in similar cases at other airports/airlines, Hamburg Airport will examine legal steps. This also applies to the examination of possible claims for damages.

Notes to the media representatives

Please understand that we are not yet able to provide any information on specific financial effects.

If you have any further questions about the operation, please contact the relevant security authorities directly.

Media contact at the Federal Police

Jörg Ristow, First Police Chief Superintendent, Federal Police Headquarters Hanover

Telephone: 0160 96964896

E-Mail: presse.hannover@polizei.bund.de

Contact persons for journalists / media

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Press office
Outside office hours and on weekends, the press office can be reached by email at presse@ham.airport.de.
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Katja Bromm
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Janet Niemeyer
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