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Parking for guests with reduced mobility


Parking lots and parking garages with reserved parking spaces are located in the immediate vicinity of the terminals. All special parking facilities are marked with the international disabled symbol. In the parking garages you will find the parking spaces directly at the entrances and exits or next to the elevators. All parking garages are equipped with wheelchair-accessible elevators.

For longer stays of 24 hours or more, you have the option of having your parking ticket discounted to the cheapest basic rate (currently parking area P8/P9). This means that even in the parking garages directly in front of the terminals, you only pay the low basic Holiday rate.

To obtain a discount on your parking ticket, please contact the parking control center. This is located on the departures level in Terminal 2, opposite check-in row 10, and can be visited during terminal opening hours. The discount can be applied both before and after your journey. You must present your blue parking permit to obtain the discount.

Please note that you may be able to book a parking space at more favorable conditions (early booking rates) if you use the online parking space reservation. An additional discount is not possible.

Parking in the short-stay zone (Kiss & Fly) on the departures level - free of charge for up to 10 minutes

Four parking spaces for guests with reduced mobility are designated in the Kiss & Fly short-stay zone on the departures level opposite the Airport Plaza. The parking spaces are subject to the local parking tariffs. Please note the free parking time of 10 minutes. If you need to park for longer, we recommend that you use the public parking garages.


Parking in parking garage P4 - free of charge for up to 2 hours

There are four additional parking spaces for guests with reduced mobility in multi-storey parking lot P4, which can be used for a free parking period of 2 hours with a parking disk and an official blue parking permit. The parking time may not be exceeded. If you would like to park for longer, please use our public customer parking garages at the posted parking rates.

Use is subject to availability. The maximum clearance height is 2.00 meters.

The parking spaces are located here:

  • Parking garage P4, level 0 (ideal for guests from Terminal 1)
    The two parking spaces are located between the driveway to P4 middle deck and the E/F/G aisle. They can be reached via the arrivals level. To exit the parking garage later, please drive through one of the lower aisles. To do this, please take a ticket and leave the parking garage immediately; there is no parking fee for this.

    You can find the corresponding site plan here: 
  • Parking garage P4, level 2 (ideal for guests from Terminal 2)
    These two parking spaces are located on the top level of the parking garage. Please drive in the direction of the departures level and follow the signs for P4. Drive past all the lanes to the end of the parking garage. You will find the designated parking spaces on the left-hand side. To leave the parking garage later, follow the "Exit" signs.

    You can find the corresponding site plan here: 

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