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Fly barrier-free from Hamburg 

A wide range of services is available to visitors and passengers with restricted mobility at Hamburg Airport. Regardless of whether you are in a wheelchair, rely on a rollator, have a leg in plaster cast, are cognitively impaired or are visually or hearing impaired - we enable you to have a pleasant stay and barrier-free flights from Hamburg Airport.

Handicapped at Hamburg Airport - mobility service and support 

The employees of the German Red Cross take care of passengers with restricted mobility. In order to be able to take advantage of a smooth mobility service, a registration via the travel agency or the airline must be received 48 hours before departure or arrival. Please be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. After check-in or your arrival, one of our employees will pick you up within 30 minutes (only if you book in advance) and accompany you to the aircraft or to the exit as required. 

The mobility service at Hamburg Airport includes the following support: 

  • Depending on your reported need for assistance, an employee of the Red Cross will support you from check-in to the gate or into the aircraft or from the aircraft to the exit. 
  • Support at security control, customs control and immigration formalities 
  • support to get to the toilet if necessary 

An inductive hearing system for passengers with hearing impairments has been set up in the Hamburg Welcome Center. You will find our Hamburg Welcome Center on the arrivals level in the Airport Plaza, level 0.

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Safe and barrier-free travel from your arrival to your departure

Please notify the airline of your requirements when booking your flight. The airline sends your registration to the DRK at Hamburg Airport. Timely service for passengers with restricted mobility cannot be guaranteed without prior notification.

The following abbreviations are used for international classification for barrier-free flying in order to define the degree of mobility impairment:

  • WCHR: As a rule, you do not need a wheelchair or only to cover longer distances. Climbing stairs is easily possible with assistance.
  • WCHS: You cannot climb stairs, but you can cover short distances on foot.
  • WCHC: You are always in need of a wheelchair. In the cabin you cannot move around without assistance either.
  • BLND: You are blind or visually impaired.
  • DEAF: You are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • BLND-DEAF: You are blind and deaf.
  • DPNA: You have cognitive impairment and you need help.

Hamburg Airport is well connected in terms of transport, so that you can travel to and from there without barriers. You have various options for doing this. Use, for example, local public transport (see availability of lifts in the HVV network), a taxi or your own car. Barrier-free parking is also available in all parking lots. From the parking area P8 / P9 you can use our wheelchair-accessible free holiday shuttle, which runs every 20 minutes directly to the terminals.

Parking lots and multi-storey car parks with reserved spaces are located in the immediate vicinity of the terminals. All special parking facilities are marked with the international handicapped symbol. In the parking garages you will find the parking spaces directly at the entrances and exits or next to the elevators. All parking garages are equipped with wheelchair-accessible elevators.

Discount on parking rates

For short stays (up to 24 hours), you can use the parking spaces in the parking ticket machine zone directly in front of the terminals on the departure level free of charge. The prerequisite is the visible display of your blue parking card for the disabled and the parking disc. For longer stays (from 24 hours), you have the option of having your parking ticket discounted at the cheapest basic rate (currently parking area P8 / P9). In the parking garages directly in front of the terminals, you only pay the low holiday base rate.

For a discount on your parking ticket, please contact the parking control center. This is located on the departure level in Terminal 2. The discount can be applied both before and after your trip. You have to show your blue parking card for the discount.

Please note that if you use online parking space reservation, you may be able to book a parking space at more favorable conditions (early bird rates). An additional discount is not possible.

Holiday shuttle

From parking area P8 / P9 a free holiday shuttle runs every 20 minutes directly in front of the terminals. The buses are handicapped accessible with ramps and wheelchair spaces.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to you!

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