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Beehive Coworking Space

Hamburg Airport x Beehive Coworking-Space
In Kooperation mit Beehive eröffnet ein Coworking-Space im Terminal 2 am Hamburg Airport.
Hamburg Airport x Beehive Coworking-Space
Arbeitsplätze und Meetingräume für jeden Anspruch – direkt im Terminal
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The Coworking Space with Wanderlust guarantee 

A quiet coworking oasis in the middle of the buzzing airport. In our coworking space in Terminal 2 of Hamburg Airport, you can host meetings, accelerate projects, or do video conferences and calls in a quiet environment. Business travelers and vacay-bees can use their time efficiently before departure, between check-in and boarding, or after arriving in Hamburg. The well-known Beehive infrastructure with high-speed WiFi, printer/scanner and our coffee flat rate is available to all users. As a special highlight, our space offers a great view over the airport atmosphere. Sit in a comfortable wing chair with a delicious coffee and let your gaze wander over the gates or the check-in counters - you will be inspired! 

  • Open Space
  • Open kitchen area
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • 2 video conference boxes
  • Telephone box
  • Game machine
  • Lounge corners

opening hours