Environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate strategy

We avoid making an environmental impact wherever possible. We use energy and raw materials as economically as possible, making sensible use of them. When making new investments we avail ourselves of the best technology available. We also exert our influence over our clients and contractual partners in the spirit of this objective.


Our environmental protection measures go far beyond the legal requirements

We adhere to legal regulations. As an innovative, environmentally conscious company we wish to ensure that the impact on the environment caused by operating an airport is reduced over and above these minimum requirements.


We see environmental protection as a process of continuous improvement

We record, document and evaluate the activities which have an impact on the environment to enable us to recognise potential for improvements. We wish to move our corporate environmental protection programme forward by providing our personnel with extensive instruction and training. We set ourselves verifiable targets for the improvement of our environmental protection.


We all have a responsibility for the environment

At Hamburg Airport we reinforce the feeling of being responsible for the environment. We invite every employee to make suggestions for improving corporate environmental protection within the scope of our corporate proposals programme or by getting in touch with those directly responsible.


We take into account the interests of those around us

We conduct an open, critical dialogue with the general public. It includes information regarding the environmental impact of our company. We take the public’s suggestions, questions and criticism seriously.


We are actively committed to environmental protection.

We reduce or compensate the CO2 emissions generated by our activities. We regularly measure and analyse our greenhouse gas emissions. We conduct an active dialog with our business partners in order to plan and execute joint reduction measures. Our long-term goal is the CO2-neutral operation of our airport.

For further information on all the environmental issues, please take a look at the

Environmental Statement 2014 - 2017

Volker Budde-Steinacker

Senior Manager Environment Department

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