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Organigramm - Hamburg Airport (1.1.2022)
Michael Eggenschwiler, Chief Executive Officer of Hamburg Airport
Christian Kunsch, Managing Director of Hamburg Airport

Core business divisions

Hamburg Airport has assigned its core business operations to various divisions: Aviation Management, Passenger Management, Center Management, Real Estate Management, and the core competency area of Ground Handling. Alongside these divisions there are central administrative units primarily fulfilling planning, advisory, and monitoring functions. Supporting companies provide specialist services needed by Hamburg Airport and external clients.   


The most important task of the Aviation Division is to ensure smooth airport operations, working in close collaboration with the airlines. Aviation is responsible for continuous optimation of passenger flow, airport logistics, and the strategic evolution of cargo. Furthermore, Aviation assigns aircraft positions on the apron and the check-in counters in the terminals. Responsibility for “safety and security” also brings the Airport Fire Brigade and the Security services within the scope of Aviation.  

Passenger Management 

Hamburg Airport’s focus on the needs of passengers is the remit of the Passenger Management Division. From home to the plane and back — one core business division is responsible for every point of contact with the passenger and every interaction that shapes the customer experience. This includes passenger information, passenger services, guidance and orientation at the airport, terminal management, baggage logistics, hygiene, and cleaning.  

Center management 

The management of all rental units, management and marketing of the advertising business, and all retail and food & beverage activities are included in the remit of the Center Management (FC) Division. Responsibilities also include location marketing, guiding the joint marketing programme, awarding concessions for landside traffic, and the concept and rental of the new Air Cargo Center. 

Real Estate Management 

Real Estate Management is responsible for the cohesive development of the airport site and for marketing infrastructure to internal and external customers. Alongside classical real estate management – the rental of office space and property maintenance – the Real Estate Management Division is also responsible for project management and actual construction.  

Ground Handling 

Various overlapping processes make up the Ground Handling Division. Ground handling services include, for example, loading and unloading aircraft, cabin cleaning, pushback, bus transfers, and passenger handling. Operative ground handling services are carried out by companies including subsidiaries GroundSTARS, CATS, STARS — operating under the umbrealla of HAM Ground Handling — and the minority holding AHS Hamburg. These companies are legally autonomous.