Hamburg Airport has a wide-ranging portfolio of special services for passengers and visitors with reduced mobility. Support for passengers with reduced mobility is provided by colleagues at the German Red Cross (DRK).

In order to make use of this service, passengers should register their needs with the travel agency or airline 48 hours before departure or arrival.
Ensure that the requirement is registered with the airline. The airline will send your registration to DRK at Hamburg Airport.
On-time service for passengers with reduced mobility cannot be provided without prior registration.

The following abbreviations serve as an internationally recognised means of identifying the level of mobility impairment:

WCHR: You do not normally require a wheelchair, except for longer distances. Climbing stairs with support is unproblematic.
WCHS: You cannot climb stairs but are able to cope with short walking distances.
WCHC: You need a wheelchair at all times. You are also unable to move around in the cabin without help.

BLND: You are blind or visually impaired.
DEAF: You are deaf or hearing impaired.
BLND-DEAF: Your are blind and deaf
DPNA: Passengers with intellectual disability who need help

If you look in the downloads section, you will find an overview of available services to make your flight or your visit to the airport as smooth as possible.
We hope you have a nice journey and a pleasant time at Hamburg Airport.


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