GoSleep: innovative Sleep PODS now at Hamburg Airport

GoSleep: innovative Sleep PODS now at Hamburg Airport

Finnish manufacturer’s sleep capsules give Hamburg passengers space to rest

17.05.2017 -

Premiere at Hamburg Airport Hamburg Airport is the first commercial airport in Germany to offer its passegners the “PODs” from Finnish company GoSleep. They may currently be used free of charge as part of a special promotional campaign. The sleep capsules are installed at the airport and enable passengers to get some rest away from the hustle and bustle of the terminals.

“At Hamburg Airport, we are always on the lookout for market-ready innovations that will make the travel experience for our customers even more unique and even more comfortable,” says Lutz Deubel, Head of Center Management at Hamburg Airport. “The GoSleep PODs are the perfect retreat at busy locations such as our airport. Our passengers can rest and relax and then set off on their journey with new energy.”

The GoSleep PODs will initially be made available to Hamburg passengers free of charge as part of a promotional campaign in May and June. The campaign is supported by promotional staff on Fridays and Sundays, demonstrating the PODs to passengers and visitors.

The Finnish company’s PODs are already in place at airports all over the world, for example in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam and Helsinki. More information is available online at www.gosleep.fi.